MALT-Paracaspase, a novel therapeutic target in oncology and inflammatory diseases

MALT1 is a novel drug target in multiple disease areas:

  • auto-immune disease (MS, Arthritis, lupus)
  • allergic disease (asthma)
  • lymphoma
  • immunosuppression for organ transplantation

Summary of the invention

MALT1 is a paracaspase protease fine-tuning the regulation of the NFκB gene induction. MALT1 mediates cleavage of the NFκB inhibitor A20, which is a (de)ubiquitination protein.
VIB scientists have identified/developed 'small molecule inhibitors' of MALT1 that inhibits NFκB-induced pro-inflammatory gene-expression.


MALT-Paracaspase can be used as a screening method to identify novel MALT1 inhibitors

christal structure of MALT1 paracaspase domain, 2014, ©somersault 18:24

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