Novel, non-invasive biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease

Profiles of sugars derived from N-linked glycoproteins from blood serum can be used as biomarkers to diagnose or to monitor the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Summary of the Invention

A VIB-developed, high-throughput, high-sensitivity and robust assay to measure and quantify the various N-glycans of biological fluids has unraveled differences in serum glycoproteins between Alzheimer’s disease patients, non-AD dementia patients and non-demented age-matched controls. This non-invasive biomarker promises an accurate diagnosis with a AUC of 90% in an ROC curve.

Critical Advantages

  • Non invasive serum marker
  • Diagnosis possible in early stage of disease, when therapy is likely most efficacious
  • Biomarker to monitor progress of the Alzheimer’s disease
  • Clinical aid to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease from non-Alzheimer’s dementia 
  • Predictive selection of clinical trial cohorts of subjects
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