Plant Biotech News

Plant Biotech News aims to...

• put news about plant biotechnology in the spotlight
• inform a broad audience of different target groups about plant biotech and plant sciences in general
• offer objective and correct information about plant research

What Plant Biotech News tackles...

  • VIB informs
With the VIB informs series we want to react on plant biotech topics, which are incorrectly covered by the media or by other forums. These small documents should provide politicians, policy makers, journalists and the general public with correct and scientific solid information.
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  • Fast facts
Fast facts deal with small things that even people active in the plant biotech field are not aware off or seem to forget. These pieces of information packaged in a short message can however increase insights in certain aspects and can help in putting things into perspective. The short facts will be released on a weekly basis.
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  • Background report
An in-depth scientific review of a specific plant biotech related topic. We kicked off these series with a detailed analysis of the experimental flaws in the Séralini et al. (2012) study. However forthcoming case-studies will focus more on specific GM-traits and will extensively describe how certain molecular mechanisms work and what the socio-economic implications are of the introduction of a particular GM-crop.


Plant Biotech News is an initiative of... 

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