VIB is coordinated at headquarters in Zwijnaarde, Belgium. The Managing Directors, Jo Bury and Johan Cardoen, are responsible for the daily administration. Together with a central staff they handle personnel matters, the science policy, technology transfer and public communication as well as the institute’s financial and administrative support.

VIB Operations

Facilitating VIB’s recent reorganization
The recent reorganization of VIB involved the clustering of former departments and independent research groups in 8 research centers. This reorganization will need to be accompanied by a logistic and operational reorganization with amongst others further providing adequate and state of the art infrastructure for all our research teams. Alongside this our role will be to increase the efficiency of support from VIB headquarters and from the universities as well as exploring the deployment of inter-center service facilities.

Accommodating new start-ups
VIB has provided in the need of biotech start-ups since the very early days through its bio-incubators in Gent and Leuven. Successful commercial real estate initiatives have followed in the meantime to address the needs of more mature biotech. We are faced however with growing needs for accommodation for start-up biotech companies. Hence we are developing plans for new infrastructure projects to continue to meet this demand and give our start-ups the best possible changes to grow to maturity.
Tapping into new funding resources
Identifying and materializing together with scientists at VIB new potential significant channels of funding for our research. Until now VIB has not in a structured way called upon international foundations and other charitable organizations. The plan is to identify such opportunities and to see to what extent we can benefit from this leveraging on our successful track record in many areas.

Wim Goemaere (Chief Operating Officer)
Sarah Van Oost (Personal Assistant COO and Manager Translational Program)
Vincent Temmerman (Facilities Manager)
Daniël Bauwens (LogisticsSupport) )


HR Team

General services

HR Vision
The success of an institute such as VIB is determined by those who work there. The specific needs and tasks of all staff must be taken into account to be able to count on qualitative and motivated research on a daily basis. VIB developed a specific staff structure that enables all employees to be involved, to assess, to be educated and coached properly.

Joined forces
Typical of VIB is the close interaction with the university partners. Around half of the people working at VIB are employed by VIB. The other employees are employed by a partner university or are given personal financing such as an IWT, FWO or EC grant.
An international community
VIB is becoming more and more international. An increasing amount of foreign researchers are part of VIB’s research team. VIB employs around 40 different nationalities. This internationalisation is a major barometer for the excellence of VIB research. This is especially important on the level of postgraduate researchers, one of three of which is foreign.

VIB’s Science & Technology

Science & Technology team
Aiming for scientific excellence requires continuous investments in realising surrounding factors that stimulate this excellence, including sufficient financing, adequate space, wide access to advanced technologies and infrastructure, monitoring, benchmarking and peer review.
The Science & Technology team is also responsible for following the institute’s research and stimulating the combination of interdepartmental cooperation and technology, setting up and coordinating the institutional core facilities of advanced technologies, initiating and maintaining relations with local and international research institutes, universities and credit granting institutes, as well as reporting to these credit granting institutes and the Flemish government.

VIB Innovation & ​Business team

VIB’s Innovation & ​Business team's objective is translating the results of VIB into practical applications. That is why the VIB Innovation & ​Business team pursues an active technology transfer policy. This way, new technologies and inventions find their way into society. More information

VIB Discovery Sciences is a unit that is embedded in VIB’s Innovation & Business team and focuses on making specific expertise available to promising projects in VIB labs that are amenable to translation. In other words, the discovery unit initiates and guides the transformation of scientific insights into projects that could deliver novel therapeutics or agrochemicals.​ More info​

VIB Conferences & Outreach

Many frontline research results can be turned into useful applications. VIB sets out to inform the general public on this science and its applications. VIB’s communication team develops scientifically founded means of communication for specific target groups such as politicians, press, youngsters and a general public of non-specialists. 

VIB finance and administration 

VIB headquarters also supports the functioning of the institute administratively. The finance department is responsible for accounting services, reporting and cost control, short term and long term financing, tax compliance, insurance and legal matters.
On the logistics side, headquarters support the departmental procurement process through an ERP system and through legal advice and support in relation to major investments and expenses that are subject to specific legislation for public procurement. Furthermore, facility management (headquarters, UGent-VIB research building) is part of the responsibility of the finance and administration department.
The IT department supports the headquarters' administrative systems, as well as the ERP system, the interdepartmental network and the VIB website.