Wireless Internet at VIB: Eduroam                      eduroam_logo.jpg
​If you are visiting an Eduroam participating institution, you can access the internet by connecting your device to the wireless eduroam network. Use your VIB email address and password to logon. If you need extra help, please ask for their guidelines.
In case you want to check where Eduroam is available, visit ​www.eduroam.org/where.

If you are visiting from an Eduroam participating institution, you can connect your device to our wireless Eduroam network to access the internet.

Please check our configuration guidelines for desktops &notebooks, Iphone or Android.

Eduroam-Notebook Win10.gif  Eduroam-DeskNotebook.pdfEduroam-Notebook Win7.pdf  Eduroam-Android.pdfEduroam-Android.pdf      Eduroam-Iphone.pdfEduroam-Iphone.pdf​