VIB in a nutshell

VIB is an entrepreneurial non-profit multi-site research institute, with a clear focus on groundbreaking research in life sciences. Our scientists study the molecular mechanisms that regulate the functions of the human body, plants and microorganisms. This research leads to innovative insights into normal and abnormal/pathological life processes, which has the potential to be used in the development of novel therapeutics, diagnostics, applications and technologies.

Over the years, life sciences have become part of our everyday lives, we cannot deny that science has become deeply interwoven with our daily routines. Scientific knowledge can improve the quality of life at many different levels, from the routine workings of our daily existence to global societal challenges such as healthy living and sustainable food production. In light of this fact, we go to great lengths to inform the public about our research results and tech transfer achievements.

Our mission and core values

It is our mission to conduct pioneering biomolecular research in life sciences. By doing so, we encourage sustainable scientific progress and contribute to a better world.

We strive for excellence in all areas of our research and encourage our scientists and employees to be creative, entrepreneurial and think ‘outside of the box’. Our focus on innovative technologies, ensures that our research is genuinely groundbreaking. Scientifically founded and transparent communication contributes to the credibility of our institute and generates social involvement.







Changes in VIB’s general management.
The Flemish government provides VIB with reliable, long-term funding.
In 2015, a total of 737 papers were published.
VIB was founding member of two European excellence alliances.
Numerous initiatives support VIB's integration policies.