From science to value for society

While strategic basic research in life sciences remains the cornerstone of VIB’s activities, translating the results of this research into applications that benefit society is our most important objective.

We are proud to say that 2015 was an excellent year. We pushed the boundaries of science with 206 scientific breakthroughs, published in the top journals in the field (top Tier 5%). This is about 4 papers a week. In 2015 five VIB group leaders received an ERC grant, illustrating the international recognition of the quality and level of ambition of our research.

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In 2015 a total of 737 papers were published in highly ranked scientific journals. 206 of these publications made it into the top 5 ranked journals across the world.
​Our research leads to new and innovative insights into life processes, benefiting society as a whole. Our technology transfer team focuses on translating research results into diverse new products
We foster information-sharing between the VIB community and a wide range of stakeholders. In doing so, we create awareness and public engagement with what we do.
Various initiatives support the integration policy of VIB.
VIB's community consists of more than 1400 scientists and technicians. Diversity and multiculturalism are defining assets of its workforce.
In 2015, 51.55% of our core funding came from the Flemish Government; the remaining 48.45% was from other revenues such as partnership agreements.