From science to value for society

While strategic basic research in life sciences remains the cornerstone of VIB’s activities, translating the results of this research into applications that benefit society is our most important objective.

We are proud to say that 2015 was an excellent year. We pushed the boundaries of science with 206 scientific breakthroughs, published in the top journals in the field (top Tier 5%). This is about 4 papers a week. In 2015 five VIB group leaders received an ERC grant, illustrating the international recognition of the quality and level of ambition of our research.

Our scientific progress has laid the foundations for a first-rate tech transfer performance.  VIB’s role as an innovation center was reinforced by the execution of 117 partnering agreements with life sciences and biotech companies. We experienced an exceptional start-up year:  4 new VIB start-up companies, all with different flavors, were established. This brings the total of VIB spin-offs to 18 which collectively raised a stunning €820 Mio of capital. Even more, a new VIB-associated life sciences investment fund, V-Bio Ventures, was launched with €63 Mio of committed capital pledged after the first closing.

We are keen to inform the general public about our research and accomplishments in tech transfer. In 2015 we issued 44 press releases and have increased our presence on social media. Our largest public event, Biotech Day, was hosted in Leuven and attracted 4,400 visitors, exploring the amazing possibilities of biotechnology.

2015 was also the year in which our 8 research departments were evaluated for the 4th time in view of a renewal of the management agreement with the government of Flanders. Most research groups passed with flying colors. In 2016, VIB will be evaluated as a whole and based on the excellent results of the past 5-years, we are confident that the government of Flanders will confirm its commitment to VIB.

Staf Van Reet, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jo Bury and Johan Cardoen, General Directors

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