Science meets life

Enabling great science

Great science needs great minds, and these great minds need a stimulating environment to thrive. And what is great science if its results do not find their way to products and solutions that can help to solve some of the world’s challenges in healthcare and agriculture?

This is reflected in the vision of VIB, as we firmly believe that breakthrough research in the molecular mechanisms of life will lead to a better quality of life, economic growth and sustainable societal well-being.

So, this brings us to the four important pillars of VIB which are addressed in our tagline ‘Science meets life’ and which encompass science, technology, business and people.

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VIB devotes substantial attention to the practical implications of the research that is being done in its centers. Clinical applications, business collaborations, and spin-off creation are aspects that are continuously developed in close contact with various units at VIB headquarters.​

There is no doubt that scientific breakthroughs depend not only on interdisciplinary collaboration, curiosity-driven research and creativity, but also to a large extent on technological advancement. We realize how important it is for our scientists to have access to technological expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Through strategic Intellectual Property filings, various industrial collaborations and spin-off activities, VIB plays a role of importance in shaping the biotech ecosystem in Belgium and beyond. The Innovation & Business team ensures that innovative research is translated into tangible products and services that find their way to patients, farmers and consumers. 
We strongly believe in an interactive approach to keep the public abreast of what we do at VIB. Public engagement helps to maximize the flow of knowledge and learning between our institute and society. It can help to build trust and mutual understanding.
At VIB, we continuously invest in creating an effective research environment that fosters successful and performant world-leading research.  Research excellence is underpinned by a culture of integrity, suitable development opportunities for scientists and safe working conditions.