NextGenQBio: A better view on cells

A combination of cutting-edge technologies
  • An automated cell culture platform for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).
  • A centralized platform for high-throughput high-content screening (HT-HCS).
  • A package of comprehensive bioimage analysis software and IT infrastructure. 

Prof. Catherine Verfaillie (SCIL): “Now, the effect of a large number of perturbants can be assessed at the cellular level, including rare events and subtle alterations at the single cell and subcellular level.”


S​​tem cell Institute Leuven (SCIL)​​ VIB Scre​ening Core
The Stem cell Institute Leuven was created in November 2005 in recognition of the potential of stem ce​lls for the tre​atment of genetic, degenerative, immunologic, hematologic and oncologic diseases.
​​The VIB Screening Core provides expertise and infrastructure to support assay development (optimization, miniaturization, and automation of screening assays) and to perform screenings in high-throughput mode.
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