Technology transfer provides the link between academic research and the business world

​Numerous discoveries by VIB researchers can be used for the development of novel social and industrial applications, including diagnostic tests, therapeutic agents and improved crops. VIB does not itself develop and commercialize consumer-ready applications but signs partnerships with companies that can.  This is how the results of basic VIB research eventually end up in the hands of patients and consumers.

In 2010, VIB scientists generated 57 inventions. This brings the total of reported inventions since VIB’s inception to 689. Approximately 50% of these inventions are protected by a patent application.

In 2010 VIB signed 83 commercial agreements, for the fourth consecutive year a record number. This brings the total number of agreements to 643. VIB’s partners run the gamut from (bio)pharma to agrobiotech and food-processing companies and from SMEs to multinationals. Our tech transfer activities generated over EUR 13.5 million in 2010. Except for 2008, this is the best result since VIB’s inception.


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