Genome Engineering & Synthetic Biology

Tools and Technologies, 16-17 September, Gent



Why this meeting?
With many genomes sequenced, scientists are forging ahead to modify those genomes, either by custom nucleases or by synthesizing genomes from scratch, with specific purposes.
The last two years have seen a technology tsunami in the field of designer nucleases for genome engineering as well as exponential increases in DNA synthesis capabilities.
How can scientists leverage these technologies for high throughput functional genomics and design custom genome modifications to accelerate their research, enabling groundbreaking new discoveries?
Will genome engineering and synthetic biology revolutionize the marketplace, setting of a new industrial revolution?
VIB considers these technologies of utmost potential for the life sciences and has brought together a symposium with top scientists from both industry and academia.
Top speakers
Some of the leading scientists in the fields which will present include specialists in:
* Designer nucleases (ZFN, TALE, CRISPR) for genome engineering
Feng Zhang, Keith Joung, Jin-Soo Kim, Jens Boch
* DNA synthesis and assembly
Jingdong Tian, Jerrod Schwartz, Piet Herdewijn
* Synthetic genomics
John Glass, Farren Isaacs
Together, these scientists have published more than 20 scientific publications in journals of the Nature and Science group in the period 2010-2013.

Industry perspectives
From the biotech industry, we have presentations scheduled from top level scientists (CSO and CEO level) from Cellectis, Meiogenix, Horizon Discovery, Gen9 Biosciences, Cambrian Genomics and more to come.
These companies are pushing the technology boundaries in Genome Engineering further with tools and new business models.
What’s in store for scientists and how is the marketplace evolving?
Balanced program
We have taken care top balance our program with talks of academia and industry mixed.
Please have a look at our Program page for a quick overview of the symposium.
International target audience and networking
Given the potential of genome engineering technologies and the broad program of the meeting, we expect attendees from all over Europe to join us.
We hope many scientists from Genome engineering and DNA synthesis companies will attend the meeting for networking with academic and industry colleagues.

Important dates

Registration Deadline: 5 September 2013
Meeting date: 16-17 September 2013
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