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Searching through all VIB publications is simple: type any keyword or year into the right search box and press Enter or click 'search'.

General Tips

  • Every term is important. In general, all of the words in your search query are used. Only publications that contain your terms (year, journal, author, title word,...) are shown.
  • The search function is not case sensitive. A search for neuron is the same as a search for Neuron.

Advanced tips for better searches

  • If you only search for part of a word, author or publication, you can do so by an * (asterisk) before or after the word.
    • For example, meta* will give you all the results that begin with meta (eg metastasis, metagenomics, metagenome,…)
    • Nat* Med* will returm all Nature Medicine publications
  • The search engine supports Boolean operators. You can make combinations by using brackets: For example:
    • ("John Smith" OR "Peter Piessens") AND ("metabolomics research " OR transcriptomics)
  • Describe in as few as possible terms the information you are looking for. The goal of every word in a query is to further refine the search. Since all the words in the query count, each additional word limits results.
  • If your search is too restricted, you end up with no results at all.